Happy 5th Birthday Ditsy Pet

Yep it’s official Ditsy Pet celebrates its 5th Birthday this week, that’s a whole half a decade of this doggy madness!


And what an amazing 5 years it been! I’m always really proud to tell Ditsy Pet’s story, that we started in the back bedroom of a small terraced house in Nottingham, working night, day you name it to produce our quirky doggy products. It was pretty fun working at home in the beginning however, the novelty of un-clogging the hover of cotton strands on a daily basis (anyone that sews will know what I’m talking about) & the assault course of stock boxes that became our hallway soon wore off! It was time to make the move into Ditsy HQ! Luckily our premises are dog friendly, our office hound comes to work with us every day and is notorious throughout the building for scavenging (he once stole a donut from a fellow tenant!) & letting out the odd bark in attempt to be given a treat!

Shortly after moving in we hired our first member of staff to help with production, what a wise move this was as by this time we were growing so quickly we just couldn’t keep up with the demand! Thankfully we now have around 6 members of staff who we like to think of as friends more than employees and all own an array of pets themselves. Like any business we’ve had some highs & some lows over the years, but we are pretty good at dusting ourselves off bouncing back.

So here’s to the next five years! Cheers!  P.S Look out for our exciting new Ditsy Pet products coming later this year.